Touch Down

Well, we made it safe and sound. The journey to Devon wasn't too bad, but roadworks and a lorry fire outside Bristol caused some pretty mean tail backs, so we didn't get into Exeter til half five, and after a brief car journey, we got to Poundsgate at about six.

The pub is gorgeous and just how I remember it... A few hundred years old to boot. Crazy. So after a long day, what more could you ask for than a Steak & Stilton baguette and a couple of pints of Wychwood Hobgoblin. Kellie opted for the Steak & Onion baguette with a couple of pints of Guinness.

So girly ;-)

We're now back at James's cottage (just across the road from the pub), chilling out, playing with Harry, sat listening to music in front of an open fire.


The weather is crap, but I don't care. Much like the pub cat sitting in front of the fire, it's a bit cliche up here. We're sat in the middle of Dartmoor, the wind is blowing around, it's driving rain, and outside is pitch black - if you're in a town or anywhere with street lights, your not in the dark! We've got a fire burning in the fireplace, and are just chilling out.

I'm sure more blog posts will appear, however, due to The Back Of Beyond not requiring phone service, I can only share, post and upload when at the cottage and stealing James Wi-Fi!

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