Playing Catchup

As has been noticed by one or two of you, Chez 0ddness has been rather... quiet... of late. Don't worry, no, it isn't you, it's me.

Usually by the middle of March, I am feeling better and cheerier and more "me" after my Winter Gloomy Pants... This year, however, I have not bounced back as much as I had would have liked. Facebook has been ignored, 0ddness has been collected dust, Twitter has been smouldering in the background - even my WhatsApp has been somewhat ignored.

February was, to put it mildly, rubbish. I can't go on Facebook because - and take this however you want to take it - but I cannot abide seeing everyone posting photos of their heart child laying in ICU with pipes, tubes and wires covering them. It's a bridge too far for me, so I have to stay away. There is little worse than scrolling through peoples updates, and suddenly having one of those kinds of pictures emblazoned across my screen.

But I digress...

On top of all this, I've been attending my Therapy and Physio appointments, and I have to say, despite the fact I am trying I can't see the point in them. The Physio is trying to get me to "Normalise" my day, and my Therapist keeps getting me to do flow charts and stuff for "bad thoughts" which just make me end up more confused than when I started.

There seems to have been a constant stream of "stuff" going on in the house this last six weeks - probably longer if I'm honest - but it's all slowly coming to fruition. Those of you that have been reading 0ddness since the Dark Ages will remember that the storms in 2006 blew the living piss out of my fence, and it has been in pieces since then - despite chasing the landlords to get it sorted, and for them to suddenly announce "Not our responsibility any more" I've been chasing them since December... Last week, I snapped, and sent them a long email telling them exactly what I thought of them, and to make matters MORE interesting, I pointed out every little flaw in the house that has been pissing me off - dodgy woodwork, dodgy floor tiles, peeling ceilings - they got it, and then some.

That was Friday. On Monday, I had a phone call from one of the Managers there, all apologies, booked to come to the house to discuss ALL my issues (with the house!) on the following Thursday... And they turned up! I was half expecting them to not to bother, but gold stars all around, a senior manager and her boss spent an hour and a half listening to me rant and rave, point out everything that is shit, and they agreed with me - on everything.  I waited for the catch, they emailed to confirm everything I said was in need of rectification, and a phone call the Monday after that confirming all works would be carried out throughout April.

Including the fence repair.

In other news, this weekend - in an effort to have a little break and chill out - we're heading to Kellies brothers place, 1 A Cottage, The Middle of Nowhere, Devon. You may remember my posts about this place when we helped James move in, not to mention the Helicopter Crash in their garden, and the Earthquake... See here for those posts!

But yes - tomorrow we head into London, then off to Devon for five days. So so can't wait.

On top of this, as has been alluded to on Facebook, I have a new phone! Actually, we both have a new phone each, but thanks to the 0dd Mother in Law, we have shiny new Sony Xperia Z's. And yes, we have new mobile numbers - if you need them, just shout.

And again, yes, I will do a proper review-type-thingie once I've had time to play with it and fiddle around with it. So far: It's massive, gorgeous, and fast!

I'm sure there is more and plenty of stuff I've missed, skipped, glossed or downright ignored... It may or may not come to me, let alone appear on the blog. But, I am alive, and following the wise words of Dory.

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