Faith in Humanity

I am a firm believer that, in our world, there are more good people than bad. It's just that the bad people grab the headlines.

This last couple of weeks I've been very tight lipped on certain subjects, and have kept my thoughts to myself, but after an hour on Facebook, I've decided to not bother.

Everything that is going on in the world at the moment makes me sick, and the sheer levels of hypocrisy being banded around shakes my original belief that people are inherently good.

For starters, everything kicking off in North Korea is worrying. On top of this, the ongoing hell that is Syria had me shaking my head... Why? Because the superpowers-that-be, who claim they will fight for the weak are no where to be seen. When Saddam rolled into Kuwait, we were there. When it was decided he had weapons of mass destruction, we were there. When it was decided Afghanistan was harboring bad guys, we were there. When Libya kicked off, we were there.

Everyone cried that it was just for the oil, but my faith in humanity was adamant that, no, we were helping. How wrong was I?


Syria has the same uprising that we helped with in Libya, but are we there stopping those powers that would bomb their own people? Are we fuck. North Korea, threatening thermonuclear war on everyone around them, keeping their people in poverty... Are we there stopping the crazy bastards we KNOW have a nuclear arsenal? Again, are we fuck.

In more local news, people are all still convinced that those on benefits don't deserve it, that we're all thieving, lying scumbags, and thanks to the Daily Mail, we're the sort that would set fire to our house with our kids inside, just to frame someone else. Yet while people are so busy watching those on benefits have their money reduced, they say nothing about how the government is slowly twisting the country into a former shadow of itself.  And when they bump into a little law that stops their twisting, they change the law to suit their needs.

And still more...

Margaret Thatcher died. The longest serving peacetime Prime Minister, the only female to ever hold the position. Half the country loved her, half the country hated her. And she died.

Now, even if you hated her, people singing songs and celebrating and holding parties in the street just smacks of... I don't even know the words I want to use. "Bad Taste" doesn't cover it. Disgusting, Ghoulish Behavior?

You people are a bloody joke. There are people in the world bombing their own people, yet you celebrate someone that died of old age in a hospital? You may have disliked her policies or whatever, but to CELEBRATE?

And everyone going on about how she doesn't deserve a big funeral and all the rest of it... She stated in her will that she didn't want one. SHE isn't the one demanding this, nor her family.

And yes, she has a family. A family that are having to watch people party, celebrate and cheer at her death. Most of whom, it has to be said, weren't even bloody well born when she was in power!

Have some respect, show some dignity, pretend for a minute that another human has passed away, and that us British are not wild savages, but show respect when the need arises.

Lastly, after the explosions in Boston, my first thought was of my American friends that live in that neck of the woods, and even others that may have traveled. Just over an hour after the explosions, while I'm checking in on friends, someone on my friends list posted a photo, supposedly of one of the victims... A twisted body on a stretcher, clearly of a middle eastern event, but captioned as the Boston explosion.

Said "friend" was blocked and reported.

Over the course of the evening, people posted pictures of blood-splattered sidewalks, children covered in blood, over and over... Why the hell do people think that is appropriate?! What makes ANYONE think "here's a grisly scene, I'll share that to ask my friends"

When I complained to someone, she (yes, SHE!) told me she had to raise awareness of the atrocity... And that I didn't understand!

Didn't understand! How many non-Brits have said that over the years to me since 9/11, yet in the 70s, 80s and 90s, we were getting bombed by Irish terrorists every few weeks. Parts of London were obliterated, and we don't understand terrorism?! So many times I had to change travel arrangements because part of London was shredded, or been caught on a tube because the station ahead had received a threat, or we couldn't go into that shopping centre because they were doing a controlled explosion on a suspect package...

But no, i couldn't possibly understand terrorism.

To put the cherry on the top of this ranting drivel, people sharing photos of all this - at least check your sources. Most of the shit you're spewing is fake and has nothing to do with anything.

My closing thought: imagine it was your loved ones caught up at the scene. Imagine it was your loved one that has had their limbs torn off... How would you like your friends sharing photos of your dead and dying family members?

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2 Responses to “Faith in Humanity”

Em's way said...

Abso-bloody-lutely spot on!!!!

Moonstone Mama said...

With ya all the way. Life on a small, uninhabited island looks good to me...