Slowing Down...

With the wedding just *hurk* a day and a half away, I am now under orders to slow myself down, to stop "helping" (I use the term helping in the slackest possible sense) and to take it easy.

See, this week has been somewhat manic. Despite all the "big" stuff being sorted, Her Highness is finding little things to do everywhere she looks. The house looks like someone detonated a Wedding Grenade in most of the rooms, and I have it good authority that the 0dd Mother-in-Laws house, Kerrys house and parts of Kerrys parents house look much the same.

And so, with a list longer than my, ah, arm, she's still doing stuff even now - at nearly 10pm - and has a metric arse-load to do tomorrow. MY job list tomorrow consists of "Change Sheets" and "Iron Shirts"

That's. It.

All that remains is to send out a few emails to people with directions to the various places of interest (like the wedding, for example), to assume people that have been sent invites but have NOT returned the RSVP are coming, and to ignore the fact a few people surprising members of the guest list have decided to cancel.

I'm not naming names, but I am sure you will find out soon enough once you arrive.

As it stands at this moment, I am exhausted. Properly, physically and mentally drained. So bad is my head today that - as my status update alluded to - I completely and utterly forgot my computer password, and had to *cough* circumvent it.

And here's the rub with being me. I want to be running around, helping, doing stuff, arranging things, lugging things around with Kellie... But the simple act of carrying my suit around town yesterday lunchtime killed me. I had a crappy night of sleep last night due to being in lotsnlots of pain, and today has been a properly knackered-out day.

I know I am not alone. I know of other CFS/ME sufferers that have done the same thing and gone through the wedding... And it didn't beat them, so I am sure as hell not letting it beat me. I just need to do nothing for the next 30 hours and I should be good to go.

I'm not entirely sure I'll be up to much cop Saturday, but I'll do my best.

Who knows, I MIGHT manage a cheeky "Holy Shit, I'm standing at the Altar!" blogpost on Friday morning, but we'll see.

No, I am not nervous. No, I am not worried. No, I am not having second thoughts. Anything that is not finalised by this time tomorrow, we will do without it.

It'll be a perfect day regardless of things missing, things not being quite right, and certain people not showing up.

And I refuse to do it again!

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One Response to “Slowing Down...”

Anonymous said...

Nothing much to say except luv ya hunny, have a truly fabulous day, it will be over before you know it so enjoy every moment. (Perhaps that's why I have done it so often lol ). You have waited long enough for your wonderful good lady, can't wait to see the pics
H x