The Things She Says #15

I will admit from the start, this is not so much as a "Things She Says" but it is kinda close... Think of it more "Things She Does" this time around...

But I digress.

Kellie is currently at work, and I have just phoned her to have a chat, see how her day is going and suchlike. She's tired, aching and generally running on fumes.

Me: Is it busy in the office?
Kellie: A bit, but I'm going through my re...*muffled voice* *SLAP* Ow Fu... *Line Goes Dead*
Not entirely certain what is going on, I ring her back, and she answers the phone giggling.
Me: You OK gorgeous? There was a strange noise, you started to swear, and the phone cut out...?
Kellie: Yeah I'm OK, I went to change ears with the phone, and slapped myself in the face instead, which hit the End Call button...
Yes, I am marrying this thing a week tomorrow...

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