The Things She Says #16

This evening, I announce to Kellie that, considering what day it is tomorrow, that I've decided on a movie to watch for Family Night... We do it every now and then, sit around the TV, watching a film, munching on popcorn and snacks and chocolate and junk.

Me: I know what film we're watching tomorrow night!
Kellie: Really? What's that then?
Me: Well, considering what day it is tomorrow, I thought we'd do something in honour of it.
Kellie: Thursday?
Me: No baby, the date tomorrow.
Kellie: The 5th?!
Me: That's not the date tomorrow...
Kellie: *pause* Oooh, the 4th...
Me: *Waiting for the penny to drop*
Kellie: *Penny drops* Oooh the 4th July... Oh no, not Star Wars!

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