Drink & Drugs

Since my doctor started me on the buprenorphine painkiller patches, I've been a good boy. Not only did he tell me "You really must not drink while using these", not only did the sheets of information state in bold "Do NOT drink alcohol while using BuTrans patches", but also, every information website about them clearly states "Do not drink alcohol while using this product"

OK OK, I get it. Don't drink.

Not that I was a regular drinker anyway, mind you, but when I did drink, I could drink a lot and be fine and dandy. So, new meds, no-drinky.


Last night, me and the girls (Kellie, Mo & Tam) decided to go out for a meal. The boys were off gallivanting with their respective friends, so we thought "Sod it" and off we went.

And it was lovely, the food was great, the atmosphere was great, the company was... OK, the company was two girls that don't shut up, so Kellie and I couldn't really talk together much, but it was lovely all the same.

Around came the dessert menu, and for some reason, I really really really fancied a Baileys Latte. I've not had any alcohol for... Three? Four months? It's been an especially shittycrappyarsehole of a week, and I figured, it's ONE drink. So I had a my latte, Kellie had a Tia Maria coffee.

Not long after drinking it, I felt a bit... How to describe it...


Yep, that is the closest I can come. Things were weird, and wobbly, and swaying. I stumbled and staggered to the loo so I could have a wee, came back to the table, and then...


It's 4am. I'm in bed. I'm wearing one sock and my boxer shorts. I am cuddling a pillow from the sofa.

I don't remember leaving the pub.
I don't remember coming home.
I don't remember that we (apparently) sat on the sofa for a bit.
I don't remember that I had to go down the stairs on my bum.

This morning, Kellie thought it was HIGHLY amusing that I had no recollection. She pointed out that I've got a bump on my head from slipping and headbutting the wall outside the pub, and that, for reasons I cannot explain, I did this:

I have no idea what that is supposed to say. I don't remember doing it. The three people tagged in that status are Kellie (who was in fact present); Jaysen, who is on the faaaar side of Basildon at his friends house; and... my cousin Hayley... Who is preggers, was probably tucked up in her bed with her future hubby on a completely different side of Basildon.

Quite why I tagged those two, I am not sure. Quite what that status says, I am not sure. According to Molly, who thinks it is highly amusing, she was sat beside me when I did it, and after I wrote it, I said I was "trying to press mums face for my facebook" apparently.

And all this came from one measure of a not-especially-strong alcohol. And one especially-strong drug.

Moral: Dan will NOT be drinking alcohol again, especially out in public. No, not even for the entertainment of others.

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One Response to “Drink & Drugs”

Jenny Woolf said...

Holy cow. Think I'd probably pass on the bottle of meths then.