Musical Monday #153 - Voodoo People (remix)

Now, I wasn't going to do this song today, mainly because it occurs to me something like 99.9% of you will hate it. And then I realised, it's my blog, and I like this song - plus part of it makes me chuckle!

I've always had a very varied music taste - looking back over my Musical Mondays should prove that - but my favorite genres has to be Rock, and Trance.

Usually, remixed tracks don't do anything for me. It's just someone messing with an existing tune and doing what they want with it. Yes, quite often it is actually pretty good, but never does any of it stand out.

This one, however... I was listening to a Dance Music radio station the other day and heard it, and though "Oooh me likey!" The part that chuckled me has to be the sound effect of a car alarm going off in the background... All I could think of was the 0dd Mother shouting up the stairs at me listening to similar music:
"Turn that off, it sounds like a bloody car alarm!"

And this one does! Huzzah!

Alvaro - Voodoo People

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