So, Uh, Yeah...

OK, I hold my hands up. I've been a little bit, a teeny weeny bit.... Lax, in my blogging of late. And when I say "of late" I do mean pushing two and a half months since my last blog post with ACTUAL content. That is, not a Musical Monday and not a Passing Time post.

My bad.

It just seems that, for whatever reason, things have been so up in the air of late, every time I've started or even thought about blogging, I've not followed through. I'd write a blog post and either think "Wow, more moaning" or "Oh look, complaining about pain" or worse, wondering who would contact me asking "Is that post about me?"

Which, I have to say 1) Get over yourself, or 2) If the shoe fits...

The other thought that sort of crossed my mind was the lack of comments I get on a post, but I quickly dismissed that. I write 0ddness for me. It's pretty much my ONLY outlet on life, and while I know people read it, and I love that people enjoy it, it is for me to try and get some order and perspective on my thoughts...

So, with that in mind, I'm going back to regular blogging. It might be that it'll be "ate some toast, washed a cup, fell asleep" posts, or "rant-rave some mundane thing happened" posts that people think is just me being a dick, over-reacting at stuff.

Or, it'll be the final category of post, "ohmygod I'm in pain and my brain is doing THIS SHIT to me!" which for some reason, generates three kind of response.

1) Get Over It
Yes, I could. But if you don't like it, don't read it.

2) Awww Poor You
I'm not posting for sympathy, I'm just saying how I feel.

3) OMG Attention Seeking
No, as above, I'm not posting for ANY response, just stating facts.

OK, this has turned into one of my Randomly Random Rants. Go me.

So. I write for me. If you think I'm bitching about you being a twat, and the shoe fits, it's probably you. If you think I'm blogging to get sympathy or create drama, you're wrong. If you don't like reading about me ranting over what you consider nonsense, I'm not making you read it, go play somewhere else.

You might also have noticed that Messieurs Facebook & Twitter have been quiet. Well, again, same reasons. Life was busy, too much drama, lots of snippy snidey stuff, shitty comments about stuff I was sharing, then I just felt like I was talking to myself, and slowly, I lost faith in humanity. My accounts are still active, but I've not been on either for a pretty long time... I might return at some point, but we'll see.

Where am I, then? Well currently at Silly o' Clock in the morning, I'm in bed, not sleeping. Or I am sleeping, and I'm just THAT talented. In general, well, I suspect that will be a series of blog posts over the next few days.

If you want to talk to me, then I am usually never without my trusty mobile. You can text me if you want. You can use WhatsApp which is better than texting. Being that I am on a 4G smartphone, you can always email me instead. Obviously the first two need my mobile number, which is on my Facebook. Or email me and ask nicely.

I have lots - too much, probably - on my mind at the moment. Thankfully, I've had one or two people there for me when I needed them, but I'm not naming names. Once I start blogging, I suspect my mind will become more ordered and clearer. Less ranty. Less... This post.

Like I say, lots on my mind, lots going on. Hopefully tomorrow I will manage to start getting it down. Purging the brain pan, as it were.

So, thank you :-)

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