Damn Kids!

So, our lovely break to the beautiful Dartmoor has taken a small turn for the idiotic, thanks to the presence of - none other than - Jaysen.

Today, we decided to go for a nice long walk onto the moors. It was beautiful. So gorgeous, picturesque... We made out way uphill a fair distance, looking at the scenery, the plant life, the wild horses (much to Kellie - the horseophobe - delight) and the exposed rock formations.

It was at here we stopped for a break, taking in the views, looking at the rock formations that it happened. Jaysen decided to move uphill a little more but being that he's a dick head, he slipped, and landed knee-first onto a rock from the aforementioned rock formation.

He was hurt, definitely in lots of pain, and while checking him, Dom and I noticed the dark stain spreading on his jeans.

Seeing as we were damp, his trouser leg wouldn't roll up, so we had to wrap a coat around him and pull down his jeans.

Where we saw this;


So, time for outdoor first aid. We didn't have bandages or tissues, so Molly volunteered her tee shirt. A minute later, she's nekkid under her coat, and we're tearing up the material to wrap up the leg.

Thankfully he was able to walk on it, so we wandered back at knob-head-son speed. Kellie called James, who was working at the pub, to let him know. Luckily, his boss is a trained first aider, and they always have injured walkers in there, so that's where we headed.

Sandra (the boss) sat him down, we pulled off his jeans in the pub (sexy) and she set about cleaning it, putting butterfly stitches across it and wrapping it. We've got to keep an eye on it just in case, and he's now sat with his leg up.

So here we are, day two of our nice relaxing break. All fun.

Damn Kids!

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