Musical Monday #154 - Lean On Me

First: I know I said I would start putting posts with actual content on them, but it's Monday, and, well, you know...

For a change, I woke up this morning (woken up - rough night!) with this song banging around in my head. I THINK Molly has been walking around singing it of late, which is why it is now wedged in my brain.

Thanks for that.

Still, at least THIS version is the proper version, not the version she's been using... It's almost a dirty word, but she has been singing the version from Glee.

Now to wash my mouth out.

THIS version, however, is the proper, correct, decent and original version by Bill Withers from 1972.

I'm sure a few of you remember it being released...

See, two posts within DAYS of each other! It's like Hell has frozen over or something!

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