Despite everything I have ever said - along the lines of "I'm going to kill the little shit!" - somehow, today marks Jaysens 15th Birthday!

Happy Birthday Jaysen!

When your eldest child reaches another birthday, you can't help but look back to everything over the years - how they've grown, developed, learned, and - in his case - injured himself.

Yes folks, aside from my rugged good looks, my superior brain and general attractiveness to people. Jaysen has also inherited my minor case of Accident-Prone-itus. As he proved while on holiday last month and literally tearing his knee a new one.

But aside from that (and the qualities he has gained from yours truly) I am so proud of him, how he has grown, and the person he is turning into.

To my little boy, Jaysen...

Fifteen? I cannot believe that you are 15. Sometimes, it feels like you've been around longer. Other times, I wonder where the cheeky nekkid-boy has run off to. Even though I know that, at heart, you are still that cheeky nekkid-boy.

I am still amazed at how you are growing, learning, and hope with every fibre of my being that you carry on as you are - funny, interesting, intelligent (sometimes) and smart (occasionally). All I want for you in life is to be happy, healthy and successful.

Happy I think you've got covered - you have my sense of humour, and enjoy laughing almost as much as I do.

Healthy sounds cliched, it's what every parent wants for their children - and while I don't count the idiot-related injuries, I hope you keep yourself healthy.

Success is not a score you can track easily. Some people count success as their job and the money they earn. Others by the possessions they have in their life. A million different people mark success by a million different things - but as long as you feel successful, then I am happy.

My message to you this year - and now I KNOW you are of an age where you read these and have probably since read back over your previous birthdays - is to keep on being you. Don't fall into the trap of having to conform to what someone else wants. Work hard, but remember to have fun. Study and revise, but as long as you try your absolute hardest, then that is what counts.

Happy birthday little man... I love you very much, and am proud of everything you have achieved in life - and I am sure will continue to achieve.

(Yes, Daddy. I'll always be your daddy)

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