Musical Monday #158 - Call Me A Hole

If there is one style of music that always impresses - regardless of liking the music itself - it's when someone creates a Mash-Up of two songs.

Now, I am not talking about when a DJ flicks his wrists and makes one bit of music play with some phat-bass pounding in the background. I am talking taking the music from one song - minus vocals - and mixing it to the vocals - minus music - of a totally different track.

It's something I've liked for several years, and while I know it's been going on for a while, the advent of this fangled Intarwebz thing has made it easier to listen to such music.

I've been playing Eve Online for entertainment of late. It's been the only game to hold my attention (as you may recall, I was having some serious gaming issues) but thanks to Kevin - Kellies best friend Kerrys brother Kevin (konfusing...) I'm now playing with a group of like-minded sorts that is making life enjoyable once more.

But I digress from the tangent.

Eve has a very popular radio station associated with it, with the catchy name of Eve Radio. The Devs and the GMs join in with it too which is cool, so they socialise with the player-base. It was on here that one of the DJs played this song, and to be honest, I love it. I wasn't overly enthralled with one part of the song thanks to it being soooo overplayed in this house, and while I prefer the original of the other song, these two together

I think I might post some more Mash Up tracks over the coming Musical Mondays.. Hmm..

Anyway, for now.. Nine Inch Nails vs. Carly Rae Jepson - Call Me A Hole

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One Response to “Musical Monday #158 - Call Me A Hole”

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