Musical Monday #159 - Sail

Yes yes, it's been ages, bad Dan for not posting on his blog. I won't go into the sob story about feeling like shit or anything.

However, I DO  have a new install or two on my computer, the first being good news for my Musical Monday posts! Quite how I never used it before I'm not sure, but Spotify - being free and all - is some sort of... just.. wow...Two brief adverts every four or five songs? Oh, alright then!

Thanks to it getting used to the shit music I enjoy, it is starting to make suggestions for me... A "You liked that, you might like this!" sort of deal. Once again, I am listening to artists and albums I've never heard of, liking some, not liking others... And I came across a group/band/artist called AwolNation. Their album Megalithic Symphony is on Spotify, and it has quite a few very good tracks on it. But this is my favorite of them all...

AwolNation - Sail

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