out the other side...

crimbo is done, dusted and finished - feels like a year since the last one! the kids had an excellent time and made out like bandits, and while me and jo were'nt doing the pressie thing, i managed to sneak out and get her a bundle of stuff - it's only fair - last year, she got me a dog when i didn't get her anything :D

surprisingly, chistmas wasn't as bad as i thought it would be, and my festivness came online christmas morning watching the kids tear open their gifts, then it fizzled a bit, then it came back and hung tight all day - i didn't even need an alcoholic boost (though i did have a few beers!).

the next step is new years eve... still not sure what is going on, and it's only 3 days away! we have a couple of invites to parties, so we shall see - assuming we can get a baby sitter which is usually the first mission (people are scared of looking after bethy!)

as for me being so fed up with things - i feel better now. probably just the stress of xmas, coupled with the stress of xmas! i've slept properly for the last couple of days as well, though that could be the booze, but i do feel better for it. mum's day was up and down - it probably helped that she was busy as she had to cook for six. nan and grandad (her parents) got her a necklace and earring set with the poem Footsteps - it was read at john's funeral, so they all had a cry, despite how much she loved it. we went to see her saturday and we had a few tears, but all in all, she did really well.

aaaanyways, life here is returning to normal - the xmas/new year gap throwing everyone off. i've not checked my mail since xmas eve, so no doubt have squillions of catching up to do (fun). the kitten is still a psycho, the dog hates her new food, bethy kicked me out of bed, and jaysen is asking "how many days till christmas?"

new year - going to lose weight, and i mean i am GOING to lose weight! i am sick of my love handles (these love handles are attached to some pretty big baggage!) and man titties are not attractive. it doesn't help when i start a diet and people insist "you look fine - no need to diet! you need meat on your bones" and so on - so the diet fizzles. i have the willpower of a moth near a 100watt lightbulb!

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