the man with two hands

blimey, what a nightmare fortnight that's been! after several days, my hand started to balloon, and it was both ugly and painful - franken-hand... it looked like someone took a latex glove, blew it up and stuck it to the end of my arm. and the bruising! my god, i know i hit it with some force, but it looked like i had let a car ride over it! the doctors decided that i had some kind of reaction to the local anesthetic (apart from passing out!), so they said next time i do something like that (next time! pah! what do they take me for!) i have to mention it... of course, i hope there is a alternative method of anesthesia they can use, because there is no WAY in hell i am having stitches without it!!

anyways - all that remains now is a bit of swelling and some redness. the stitches are out, and the internal stitching is fading - i can still feel them when i wiggle the finger, but not as bad as it was. it will be an impressive scar to show the grandkids and tell them about my days in the army. let's face it "i cut it washing up" doesn't have the same ring as "and when the grenade i caught exploded in my hand, the pain was washed away knowing i had saved the lives of my unit".

of course, life in this house wouldn't be normal if someone didn't have something wrong with them. the day after the stitches came out and i could once again operate normally and do housework, jo came down with the flu or something. nightmare. she snores at the best of times, but with three kilos of snot and mucus up her nose, it's even worse. go go tablets to knock me out/make me not care!

soooo what else has been occuring... a couple of posts ago i mentioned how quiet everything is, and then the brown smelly stuff hit the circular rotating thing... the day after i slashed mr hand, jaysen - in all his wise wisdom - dragged a huge paint tin into the hallway, popped off the lid then - either accidently or on purpose - tipped it. with have deep red (i think!) carpets in our hallway, and dulux pure brilliant white emulsion was a bit noticable - took me two hours, a bottle and a half of 1001, and a hoover/floor cleaner, and i got every teeny drop of that stuff off the floor! wouldn't even know it happened! go me!

bob, bob, bob, bob and bob have settled in. bob the hamster is a lazy s-o-b that sleeps an awful lot, though he does put in an appearance a few times a day - much like the fat hairy man that wakes up at 3am for a wee, stumbles along into the toilet, pees everywhere, stumbles back to the bedroom, has a glass of water and flops back into bed. come 7-8pm bob will wake up and set to running around his cage and wheel. funnily enough, the kids go to bed at 7pm.... coincidence? i think not.

bob, bob, bob and bob the goldfish (actually, bob and bob are goldfish, while bob and bob are shubkins or something!) are happy in their little tank. they can't drive it yet or work the big gun mind you.......

and to answer the aaaage old question "what music do you like dan" that i can never answer, my favorite at the moment is dance/trance. i know, i know - my parents used to say it sounded like a car alarm too. but i don't care. i love it. jo hates it, but i love it. and most of the time, i use winamp and go to - if you're feeling brave, go have a listen!

well, it's 10am, and i've not done a thing (apart from take the boy to school!) so am off! have a good one, and hope the weather is as nice for you as it is here!

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