As in, "I feel like". Had a really rough night, but can't decide why - I woke up feeling ill, but not sick, and everytime I drifted off to sleep, something new woke me up - dog chasing her tail, cat's jumping from high things onto the wooden floor, Bethy wanting a drink, Jaysen wanting the loo, Jo wanting to use me as a pillow. I just don't feel like I've slept.

Oh, and it appears that most of the mails I sent out the other day on my game account haven't gotten anywhere - so I am going to have to retype those (as I hate using my "Sent" folder!). My eyes are really sore and feel puffy, plus we're low on milk so it's black coffee or nothing - and the indigestion I have is evil.

I blame Jo - it's usually her fault - and when she feels sick, I seem to get the symptoms. Usually, if she's been out to a club or to a party, I am the one that wakes up with a hangover, no her - and this is if I don't drink - hell, I don't even need to go out!! Never understood it to be honest, but there you go.

So, it looks like that once Jo and Bethy rise from their pit I will have to go into town - with it being Bank Holiday weekend, it'll probably be full as usual. On the bright side, next week - or maybe the week after - we're going to start our Xmas Shopping. Last year we left it late, and trying to shop around town with every resident of the area next to you was a job for Mission: Impossible!

Ugh, I feel like crap - Did I mention that?

[Edit: Forgot to add, have updated my Windows Screenie once again - link down bottom right]

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