Watched a couple of very decent movies over the last couple of days - considering how many movies I watch, you're probably not surprised! But hey, my log, my posts :)

The Butterfly Effect. Excellent - very very good film, and done really well. Can be a bit "Mind Messy Up" at parts, but it does all come together at the end, and comes together well. Ashton Kutcher, while not having done very much with his movie career, apart from "Dude Where's My Car" and a few other so-so films, as well as the TV show Punk'd - he pulls off his part really well.

The Chronicles of Riddick. Amazing Movie! Completely stunning film, and while I am not much of a Sci-Fi buff, I loved it. The special effects are really good, and while it seems to have fallen into the "Mindless Action" category, I think it's great. Vin Diesel is great anyway, and he is one of my favorite actors anyway. Jo finds it amusing he did the voice for the Iron Giant in the same movie... Iron, Diesel. Hilarious. hehehe

Anyways - two very good movies, and the cinema is the ideal place to see The Chronicles of Riddick.

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