Interesting Couple of Days...

First off - to people that have left comments, mailed me or messaged me in regards to jolly ol' Microsoft and their error message - you are MORE than welcome for the help, but again, it wasn't me - I was just passing the info on! And for those that sent me compliments regarding my little nook on the internet, thank you - I am literally sitting here doing nothing except rambling on, but if you find that entertaining, then so be it! :)

Aaaaaanyway - the last couple of days, we seem to have been really busy without actually doing anything. Jo is still sick and still tired, and last night she was laying awake in bed till 5am without having slept. Of course, she woke me up every so often to tell me she wasn't asleep, so *I* am tired now as well!

We've double checked our calendar, and Jaysen & Bethany go back to school on the 6th September - which is a week away, so YAAAAY! They've been pretty good the last couple of days, so today we took them out to get them something nice. Jaysen got himself a little set of Knights, while Bethy got herself a doll and various stuff for said-doll. She loves it, and even told me to turn my music down as it was too loud for her!! Pfffft!

Sinny (The Cat From Hell!) is very preggers at the moment, and we've now got her isolated in case she decides to spawn her inner-demons outside somewhere. She's got the spare room to herself, and we've made her up a nice warm bed, food and water on demand, on-suite toilet... All very cosy for her, and while she enjoys her cuddles each day, we're leaving her be for a while. After having a careful feel, I think there are four or five kittens in there, and we've managed to figure homes for four of them - one of which happens to be us - so we may well end up having two kittens in addition to the family - and being Spawn of Sinny, it means I need to insure my legs.

All in all, life is it's usual adventure here in the house. I swear I'd make a killing from a reality TV Show here!!

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