El Midwife!

Despite she said she would be here at 2pm, she actually called and came at 1pm - which is better for us really, but anyway! First off, she was lovely - a real people person which is a good sign. When Jo was expecting Bethany, she had a REALLY evil Midwife that simply didn't want to know, and even tried to push Jo to a termination. Nice eh?

Anyways - she's on our wave length as well, and we had quite a few laughs together, so I think we're going to get on well with her. She's checked and doubled checked all their numbers, and the due date currently remains April 8th, 2005 - but the scan could change that, depending on "average" sizes.

Jo is also down for a C-Section, as she has had two already (emergency with Jaysen, Elective with Bethany), and apparently it's required that 2 sections mean you have to have a third. She'll have to speak with the maternity ward, but they will probably get her in either a bit early to do it, which means the April 8th date might be missed. Which is a shame, as I think it'd be REALLY funny to be in labour on your birthday!!

As with anything over here, it's all bloody paperwork, and we spent the most part filling out forms, signing forms, checking forms - it's a mission! I am sure the world won't be destroyed by a nuclear war, but my a series of forms and paperwork that will smother the planet in a perpetual loop of completion, signing and counter-signing!

So, the pregnancy has a different feel to it now, like it's real and going ahead. As of today, Jo is eight weeks exactly, and it feels... You know, I can't define it!! I'm nervous - really nervous - but I am really looking forward to the look, feel and smell of a new baby that *I* made... If you've never had kids, you won't understand what I mean - it's one of those things you really have to go through yourself.

Is the worry worth it? Yes, most definietly, hand on heart, Yes. Let's face it, if we worried about what COULD and MIGHT happen, then I'd stay in bed all bloody day (unless of course I thought that the bed could come to life and eat me...)

So, I am OFFICALLY going to be a daddy again, and really cannot wait. April just seems to dim and distant away - I mean, it's not even my birthday yet, and we're already looking at a date that is usually Jo's birthday - but I know it will whip around so quickly, we won't be able to breath, and of course, I will keep everything documented here. Life experiments are always interesting to read after all!

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