Five Hundred Hits!

500 new hits in just 4 days! And here I was thinking that I had a fanbase of 3 adults and a child... Guess I was wrong, but nothing new there. Don't believe me? Sidebar to the left, scroll down to the end - one hit counter, which was on 1100 four days ago!!

All is quiet in the household, and it's kinda odd. Jo is upstairs watching some Chick Flick or another, and the kids are up there with her. The dog is asleep, I am half asleep, the house is clean and tidy, and I've played tech support for three different people with three different problems. I think I deserve a gold star!

Jo woke up with a need for fried food, and being wise enough to not stand between a pregnant woman and her stomach, I set to cooking - and amazingly, she actually ate everything on her plate, except the egg yolk - but Sally the Dog didn't mind! Of course, Jo is now suffering with the Heartburn from Hell, but Yay Me for the extra-big bottle of Gaviscon I got her. OK, I got her the aniseed (which she hates) instead of the mint (which she loves) but medicine isn't supposed to taste nice (unless you count the kids medicine, Calpol, which is lovely!).

My dear also tells me I was up and down chatting to her during the night, but I don't remember any of it, so I am either now sleep-talking, or she is imagining it. It's quite possible it's me, but I haven't sleep walked/talked since I was a kid. My mum would ask me what I was talking about at 3am, but as far as I am concerned, I slept through.

Anyways - gotta finish up pottering the house before the Midwife comes. I let slip to Jo ealier I had phoned and left a message with the wrong department, so that secret didn't last long - go me! And as Monday is a Bank Holiday (and as such EVERYTHING is closed!), I won't be able to speak to them till Tuesday.

heh by the time I sort this out, it'll be twelve weeks anyway!!

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