F$cking Microsoft - Part 2!

FINALLY. Let's see - I tried something like a dozen different methods of sorting this bloody SP2 Error Code, until I stumbled across something in the microsoft.public.windowsupdate newsgroup - there is in fact a fix, and it was a normal user, not a Microsoft technician that found it!

If you are installing SP2 but getting the Error Code: 8007F0CC, then go HERE to sort it out! It does involve an altered bootscreen, and you need to edit the Boot.ini file - but, after backing everything up and going for it, it did the job!

So - NOW I have to figure if the new Firewall from Microsoft is up to the same level as the Sygate firewall I've been using.

[EDIT: It appears that SP2 includes a PopUp blocker - which is blocking the links I have on here, as they open in new windows...]

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2 Responses to “F$cking Microsoft - Part 2!”

Anonymous said...

i just figured that my computer was immune to sp2 ... i run kerio personal firewall, have mcafee viruscan and a dlink router/firewall

i'm pretty safe ... however on the popups... i haven't run internet explorer in ages... i switched to firefox last year and haven't looked back

(i still did need ie for windows update tho...)

BTW: Thanks for your time!

Anonymous said...

Hi Dan...

Yes sir, I saw your comment on my thread @HardWareGeeks Forums regarding this dam error, and you should have seen my response from MS Technical Support Team...lol

I ended up doing a reformat, as I use this laptop for 'fun purposes' but your post make me smile...

Cheer m8... :)