One of "those" Days

Today has gone from crap to pants to hell and then a teeny bit further. Once again I am forced to look like a Gap Jeans advert, wearing my shades around the house, despite the fact that the weather is sunny one minute, pouring down the next. (Tangent - this August is offically the wettest August on record for England!). So, with head a-thumping, we've tried to get the house cleared up. For some reason, it was complete chaos once again, and Jo did loads of it, despite feeling icky-sicky still.

The kids then decide to start trashing the house, and I don't mean "kids will be kids" and leaving their toys out, I mean trashing the house. They emptied boxes of toys down the stairs, scribbled on books and walls, tore the garden apart (which, incidently, still looks like a warzone) - you name it, they done it. Their final act of destruction came in the form of some scavenged paint brushes and a tin of paint they managed to pry open - and then slop on the garden walls and the house wall. That was a little before 5pm - at which point I put them to bed where they have stayed. Seems my foresight of cooking lunch paid off, so they got a sandwich at about 5.30pm and then it was lights out, curtains closed, SLEEP.

Then I decide I've had enough with my PBEM account being dead. Server errors, time outs - you name the mail problem, I've had it. So I call tech support, and spend 48 minutes exactly just trying to get through. Finally, I get a tech. Rather, the person that answered the phone might as well be the bloody cleaner. "You have a virus" he told me. Er, no I don't - especially as I run AVG every night, and it's just one email address out of four that is playing up. "It's probably your firewall then". Noooo, as again, the firewall won't just block one email address. "You might need to reinstall windows". At this point, I start getting, shall we say, ticked off. "I'd like to speak to your supervisor please, or someone with a clue about Windows and your Email Platform." A pause... "I AM a Supervisor sir, and if you take that tone with me, I will end this call." I was VERY tempted to suggest he does in fact terminate the call, as the next person I speak with should be slightly better trained, and/or the office chimp.

So - he checks my account from there. "Seems you've not been able to access your mail for over a week sir." he tells me - funny - I already mentioned that. Duh! He prods and pokes - tries the "you have a virus" again, tells me it's because I have SP2 - which I installed today - and THEN notices that my Email Box has been disabled. I asked why that might have happened. "It's a virus." IT'S NOT A FECKING VIRUS!! Oh, no - apparently it was a glitch on the server, and they've had a LOT of calls about this problem.......

So why did it take the numpty so long to work it out. Needless to say, I've sent a nice long-winded and very very sarcastic email to Blueyonder, asking why they don't employ chimpanzees so that callers have at least half a chance of having their problem sorted.

Now it's time to chill out - so we bung on a DVD we got last week but never got around to watching, The Recruit - Al Pachino, Colin Farrell - damn good movie... And now it's bathtime for Jodie - so I am going to offer my services as a professional Leg Shaver.

Because I can :)

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