Time for a Change

We've decided that the kids are so completely bored with this fricking summer break that they need to get back into a routine. With Jo still being ill (gotta love those pregnancy hormones!), I decided I might as well start getting MY body clock back into a routine. As Bethany goes from afternoon sessions to morning sessions, school mornings are going to be chaos. So, 7.15am this morning I am up and getting the kids up, then dropping them into their bath while I sort out their clothes, then get them clean, dry and dressed, then downstairs for breakfast... Chaos, absolute chaos!

No doubt in three or four days I will be dead to the world, but it's all laughs I suppose!!

Back to the "Error Code 8007F0CC" - I am getting mails, I am getting questions, msn/icq messages - all because of that little code! People have been thanking me, but really, the thanks goes to a guy named Matt Woomer, whom I've never spoken to. He is the chap that figured out what the error code was, and posted it to the newsgroup microsoft.public.windowsupdate. His original post (and following thread) can be found at This Link.

Jo continues to suffer from morning sickness, and it doesn't seem to be relenting. She's also got killer indigestion (I wonder if there is such a thing?), and so has to take a thick gloopy medicine to help her out. Her assigned Midwife called yesterday, and due to our worries from the past, she is actually coming today - a Saturday - to see Jo and get all the preliminary paperwork done and dusted. I'm still waiting on Guys Hospital Fetal Cardiology to call me back, and as I write this, I think I might have actually called Pediatric Cardiology. Hmmmmm.... The difference, for those that don't know - Fetal Cardiology deal with unborn babies, while Pediatric deal with baby babies. Oopsie. Wonder how long I can keep that quiet from Jo! hehehehe

Anyways - so we're now clearing up a bit before she arrives - good job the worst has already been done!

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