stuart and michelle (who anniversary we went to) came down to essex on friday to see everyone. stuart was born and raised here, so all his friends and family are here, and while he lives in evesham, he still manages to come on down every couple of months. they had forgotten that sally was two biscuits short of a tea-party, and after much chasing around, both of them were showered in dog-drool.

very nice!

the headache made a comeback at about 8pm last night, and i couldn't shake it. eventually my tablets kicked in when i went to bed, so i fell asleep with the headache i had pretty much all day. don't think it's around at the moment, but you never know!

i was planning on more garden work today, but at 2am (i was laying in bed reading at the time!!) the skies opened, and it's still going now. very gloomy, dreary day - summer is probably over and done with now - this is autum, and next week will be winter. gotta love the British weather! i've got to go into town and get some shopping this morning - mondays are never a good time to go into town - so i will probably vamoose shortly to beat the grannies to the punch.

lastly - consider yourself lucky i didn't change the blog-template last night. i was messing with a lot of code, and very nearly changed it all (again!) but there was a problem with it, and all the alignment was off!

the blog lives to fight another day!!

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