so the headache. i don't like headaches, especially ones that get worse with lights. as it's gotten later in the day my headache has gotten worse, and i've resorted to dark glasses. i've taken some tablets but they've not even taken the edge off it.

anyways - jo has gone to see her nan. she's been pretty poorly the last few weeks, and it's been discovered she's got something bleeding inside her - and has had three units of blood transfused. even after the first bag she looked better, so she is definietly on the mend. she was certain she wouldn't be walking out the hospital, but is well on the mend, so all good there.

evil wicked satanic cat is now in confienment. we've decided that she is indeed preggers, and so we've put her in the spare room complete with food, water and a litter tray, plus a pile of clothes to sleep on and (most likely) spawn her satanic brood upon it. the room of evil is now off-limits to the kids, but most likely they will open the door and release her taint upon the land - but we shall see!

so other than that, i am just trying to sit and not concentrate on much - it hurts my head though, as i am sitting here watching Anger Management. one of those people you love or hate though - Adam Sandler cracks me up though, so yay!

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