shopaholics anonymous?

we got into town at about 11am today. it was oddly quiet - till we went into asda. everyman, woman, child and their dog were in there AGAIN. ok, i can appreciate it's a new spanky shop, but jesus - why does everyone seem to visit it for nothing more than a look around?!

and WHY OH WHY do i always get caught behing the little old lady with a basket containing a tin of dog food, a small loaf of bread and some carrots? what does she do there? is she a ghost, a security guard, a figment of my imagination?! she just aimlessly wanders - but in super slow motion, in front of me, so i am one step slower than super slow motion. and no matter how fast i rush off past her, she STILL beats me to the next aisle.

anyway, we decided to do a BIG shop - a monthly, full on, get everything we need jobbie. two trolley's - that's a shopping cart to you on the other side of the pond - later, and £210 lighter, we ran home crying. in two taxi's, as our individual load was too much for one. hehehe

the weather is as entertaining as ever... laila - a friend of mine who is coming home from norway today - is under the impression that the weather here is pissing down with rain. well, it WAS... then it stopped, and the sun came out. then it got bored and rained again, and then we got some more sun - currently, it's very dry and sunny - but you can bet your left arm it'll change in the next hour! of course - the interesting weather gives Doddering Old Ladies even MORE reason to walk slow, and to grumble to their shopping buddies.

pack them all of to bournemouth i say. make life a lot easier! "bye nan, see you at xmas" as Lee Evans (here's his homepage) said, you can tell so many old people live there - there are ramps everywhere, and even the shop windows are bifocal...

ugh, i feel sick - eaten too many mini-flapjacks! still, ate them while watching Scooby Doo 2 - after a stressful shopping trip, i like something mindless! fairly amusing, several laugh-aloud parts, but it's a kids film after all! what, you expected me to be deep and meaningful?! helloooo! i laugh at old people, and remind others of their age! i'm worse than the kids that snapped bra-straps at school - well, theoretically - i was and still am much to shy to do something like that! hehehe

got people over tonight - amber, her fella ross, jo's brother grant, and our friend ian (who is godfather to our kids i might add!) - and muggings is running his D&D game. i love to DM games, but i hate having them a week apart. hopefully in the next couple of weeks, we can get thursdays as a game night as well. all is going well for a change - usually i plan out a long-winded campaign with plot and intrigue, and the dreaded Real Life encroaches, causing all kinds of problems, ending with the cancellation of a game!

assuming of course ian gets here on time for a change... he's a nightmare when it comes to time keeping.

well, a box of jaffa cakes are calling my name, as is my new packet of rocketfuel teabags (extra caffiene and added guarana (sp?)) - so see ya when the jitters have subsided!!

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