Jo had another crap night last night - we went to bed at about 10.30pm, but by midnight, she was still wide awake, not comfortable and couldn't sleep, so she came back downstairs till 3.30am drinking hot chocolate while browsing for Xmas Gift ideas (yikes!). When she felt drowsy, she came back to bed, and then spent another 2 hours fighting her bloody cat that insists on laying on your chest while trying to "peddle" on her neck. In the end, she armed herself with an aerosol can to spray when he came near. Come 7am, she considered getting up, but nearly fell asleep on the loo, so went back to bed till 11am.

In the meantime, I decided to clear up through the house, and more importantly, the small landmark in our hallway, Mount Shoepile. Twenty or so pairs of shoes, and after much "what about these" we have it whittled down to just 11 pairs. I should also note, that I have just 2 pairs...

After that, I hoovered through the downstairs, screamed at the kids a few dozen times as they're new "word of art" has appeared in the lounge, titled "Wax Smeared Into Paintwork". Very..... er... interesting. We have (or rather, HAD) pale yellow walls - the kids have just attacked an area about 2 meters square with this bright PURPLE wax. Jolly nice. Called them in to ask what happened, having already figured that Bethy couldn't reach the highest point - Jaysen tried to tell us SHE did it all. While I don't doubt she was involved, my math experiment proved that it was infact both of them. So they're currently enjoying the lovely summer day in their bedroom.

No doubt destroying that.

So - after clearing up through two floors of the house (remember, three storey house!) I am now officially F$cked. Coffee in one had, jaffa cakes in the other, debating if I have the energy to watch a movie, or work on a six-page character sheet in Word or Excel. The things I do for fun.

I also started to read the news today, but decided it was far too depressing, so am going to ignore the world and sit in my little corner singing merrily - though the latter will probably be more to do with the drugs I am about to take! Ahhhh Codiene & Amitriptyline, Thy names are peace.

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