I discovered something interesting earlier on. My posting about the Error Code: 8007F0CC from SP2 has granted me a small lump of fame - though I did nothing, honest - I just put up a link to the original post! Anyways - if you search for 8007F0CC in Google, my site pops up on top! Yay Me! I can just picture the hoards of people with changed bootscreens finding my little corner on the internet and wonder what the hell I am on about! hehehe

Anyways - my original post about the error code can be found HERE, and the solution (after I found it!) can be found HERE complete to the original post by the chap that discovered how to fix it. If he happens to be here, thanks for the help! I'm just passing the message out, and take no thanks, as I am an idiot :)

All is fun in the house as usual, and the weather today has been beyond diabolical - so everyone is confined to the indoors, including two very bored children - and bored children normally equate to naughty children. So, cunning plan - get some friends over. Amber bought her boys over, so NOW we have four bored children tearing the house and one another apart. Good plan!

SP2 continues to reside on my machine with minimal grumbling. So far, the firewall actually seems to work (unlike the original version with Windows XP!) and I've had no issues with it. Internet Explorer now has a built-in PopUp Killer which certainly does it's job very well - you can add sites to it's "Whitelist" to always allow popups from it, but I use Ad-Shield which blocks PopUps and Adverts, so I have disabled the Microsoft version. Also, it changes the Security Settings in Outlook Express - disables code, attachments and certain HTML elements, but again, I've turned that off as I am pretty confident in the stuff I get - AVG picks it up if I don't :)

There are various nobs and whistles with SP2 - not sure how useful some are or aren't, but for the most part, I have no issues with it - at least, not until they realise they've done SOMETHING wrong and release a patch for the patch! hehehe He of little faith...

So far, I've not had any software issues with anything except StyleXP - and the makers have a patch for that already, so you can have your themes back in no time! And let's face it, WinXP is ugly otherwise! In case you are interested, Deviant Art is my source for 90% of my Themes, Icons and Wallpapers, and I occasionally use WinCustomize.

So - with my house actually clean and tidy for once, I am off to do some dinner for the tribe!!

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