paypal and naughtiness!

some of you might have had this warning already, BUT - i signed up for a pay-pal account this evening to pay someone for some stuff, and a couple of hours later, i received a mail from PayPal. now, after setting up my account, i received several emails from paypal - confirm this, confirm that - but this one was just odd!

at least, that's what it looked like.

being a cautious git anyway, i never type in my login details to anything just because i am told to, so i clicked the link to see what was what.

now, luckily for me, i am always changing my windows appearance and size - but this is very crafty. the windows that opens appears to be a paypal site - the url matches and everything. BUT - the URL section was definietly not right. upon moving my window, the URL stayed put on my screen, while my browser moved, revealing the dodgy URL of someone wanting to nab my info.

here are some screenshots to show what I mean:

The Email

Clicking The Link

Moving The Browser

so - be safe!

but on the bright side, i am getting me a very swanky mp3 player. everyone has been telling me to get an iPod, but to be honest, they are bulky and ugly and cost a fortune - not to mention the whole battery life/replacement scam apple are running on that. so - it's very funky - USB storage, mp3 player, radio - 256Mb of space! RRP of £179.99, i got it for £25.00. bargain!

and for those that i chatted to the other day about ebay and online auctions - i didn't do this one, grant did it for me, as i STILL don't see the point, nor feel the "rush" of fighting to bid for something.. Buy It Now was invented for me! hehehe

anyways - had the game this evening, and for whatever reason, ian didn't show and didn't give an excuse, so i carried on anyways. i am determined not to let this game die!! kids have been COMPLETE little turds all evening, so they are grounded tomorrow - and by grounded, i mean they get to sit at the dinner table all day and do nothing at all. no fun, no games, no friends, no sweets or crisps (sorry, candy or chips!) - just a general do nothing day.

should be a blast for all concerned! on the bright side - i get to go to ambers place and sort out her machine. she's arsed it up somehow, so it's StooperDan to the rescue! hehehe i WOULD have done it today, but at about 3.30pm i felt really drowsy, by 4pm i was nodding off in my chair, and at 4.30pm jo woke me up (still sleeping in my chair!) and told me to go to bed for a couple of hours. very odd.

i think i am getting her preggers-germs!!

and speaking of preggers - tomorrow we are telling the families and making it official. i keep finding myself wanting to tell people, them remember we've not told everyone else! stuart called this evening, and had read either my blog or my Lyrass page - "you forgot to tell us jo's preggers!" hehehe oopsie - sorry stu!

now - it's much too late, i am still tired, and am off to bed! nightie!

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