OK, so after spending an hour in bed, I gave up on the sleep. I only have my self to blame - many cups of Rocketfuel tea will keep someone with Narcolepsy up for several hours!!

So - in true "Bored Out My Skull" style, and having my mail server arse around for "Essential Maintence" I decided that I would in fact change the layout/look of the blog. Obviously, I mean, it's not like you're reading this and suddenly noticed it!!

Took a while to sort the coding out, but I think it's all working - got a bit more space to play with on the side-bar, and was having a nightmare with the "AutoQuote" jobby, so that's gone - was a fecker to use, so balls to it.

So - now that it's half one in the morning, I suppose I will try that "sleep" thing again... No doubt Jo has stolen all my pillows, the duvet and as much bedspace as she can muster - time to go fight that power and reclaim that which is rightfully mine.

Or, in otherwords, lay on a corner of the bed with a tissues worth of covers, using my arm as a pillow. Business as usual really!

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