Done - For Now!

Jo being out for the afternoon with the kids was a great help! I am up to date with housework and dirty dishes - house is clean and tidy, washing up is all done, plus everything is vacuumed up, toys are away, and everything is generally ship-shaped! Now the tribe is home, dinner is done and dusted, Jo has a cup of tea and has her feet up, and all is quiet.

Well, apart from my mp3 list playing ;)

Dinner? Spag-Bol for them, nothing for me - too tired and can't be arsed to eat... It's warm and humid - even more so from doing dinner - so I will probably have something later on!

PLUS - I told you I've been busy! - I am caught up on all my emails and games, so I can put my feet up and breathe easy...

For an hour at least - the kids have bed at 7pm. Assuming they stop mucking around with their pasta before then!

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