I Forgot To Add!

For some reason, I can't log into Blogger at the moment, but still...

For those of you that are interested, I change my Desktop appearance every so often... Sometimes, it's daily, other times, one image can last days, weeks or months. Actually, a week or two tops is good for me! heheheAnyways - when I change it, I upload it to the link down the bottom right called 1280x1024 - that is the look of my computer at the time, complete with a date to see how long (or not) it lasts! I don't usually say when it's changed, but this time it's special - Angelina Jolie deserves at least one mention in any mans weblog!!

If you see anything you like, let me know, and I can send it on - be it a theme, winamp skin, font, iconset - what ever :)

And Suzy, in answer to your questions - Jo is fine, just SICK with a capital SICK! The smell of most kind of food makes her feel ill, and people making certain animal noises - ie, a cow mooing when she is eating a steak - doesn't help matters. Unless you're after more steak, in which case, I give it two thumbs waaaay up!! hehehe

And lastly - Suzy, I won't make ANY comment about you being cheap or expensive... Let's face it, if I said you were cheap, I'd get hassle, and if I said you were a pricey hussy, I'd get hassle!

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