It's All Fun and Games

Title says it all really, and things have been non-stop this week.

Important stuff first - Jo is SICK AS A DOG! I mean, anything she eats comes back out - usually before she has finished eating. So, she's hungry, and everything she tries to eat - from dry toast, plain rice, plain pasta, even tinned spaghetti - it does an instant replay in reverse mode. Hungry and unable to eat - Joy.

Added to the sickness, she can't sleep either. We usually go to bed any time after 11/11.30pm, but she just lays there, fidgeting to get comfortable, too hot, too cold, too many covers, not enough covers - come 3am she gets a drink, and then starts to drift off between 5am and 7am - at which point the kids get up. So we've taken to leaving her in bed till 11am-midday in the hope it helps, but all it seems to be doing is making her body stay awake longer during the day, and not sleeping properly till the early hours. She needs a 24-48 hour therapy. Get up when she's supposed to, then stay awake till the evening after, when she has to go to bed at the right time, and then get up at the right time. Usually works for me, so worth a shot ;)

Next - School starts on Monday thank heavens, but with a new year and new term at school, AND after nearly 8 weeks off, we've got to dig out coats and shoes, buy new uniform, find school books, book bags, lunchboxes that have been used for picnics during the summer - it's CHAOS. Their bodyclocks are fragged as well - they are going to bed at 7pm, but mucking around till nearly 11pm. There's only so many times you can go up there and shout at them, threaten to smack bums, take away computer, TV, Cable - so today they are bored! BUT once they are back at school, they should get back into the routine. He hopes ferverently.

So, between Jo, the kids, and the looming school, I'm finding time for bugger all else. The washing up goes two and three days without being done, the hoovering the same, and once I DO find the time to catch up, everything else goes pearshaped.

So for the last couple of days, I've been beavering away, turned off the house phones, put Jo to bed or on the sofa, and cleaned through, found missing school items, fed people, bathed kids, showered Jo - it's one thing after another.

Monday should be a blast. Usually, I get up at 7.20am, shower, get Jaysen up, shower him, then dry the pair of us off, get dressed, feed us, sort his lunchbox and school bag out, then by 8.30am I am out the door to get our friends kid. Next week, not so. Bethany starts morning sessions at her pre-school, so I will have to get both kids up, both showered, both dressed, both fed, both ready for school, then out the door... I am dreading it, and already planning on shortcuts - bath the kids at bedtime, and just give them a quick wash in the morning, make lunchboxes before I go to bed. I hope Jo gets her body clock sorted by then so I can get some help!!

Of course, once they are in school, we should have more time. Usually, Jaysen would go to school, then we'd spend the morning doing bits of housework around Bethy till she went to school at 12.15, and then we'd get the housework done just in time for the kids to get home - and destroy it all. NOW they are both gone by 9am, we can get the housework done in the morning, then get Bethy at lunchtime, and have an afternoon of quiet!

Which is my plan for today. Lady Puke has taken the kids to Gregs (Jo's younger brother) and then Grants (Jo's older brother) for the afternoon. Already, the washing up and hoovering is done - just gotta clear the upstairs, hoover up there, and be done with it all!!

It's never bloody ending. WHY OH WHY are we going for Kid #3!? hehehe

So - for those that have tried contacting us, we're alive, we're well, we're just in complete and utter chaos. Doom3 is collecting dust, my PBeMs are collecting dust, I still have to sort stuff for my Monday night game (which next week will be Monday AND Thursday night!), as well as catch up on everything...

Life... You're born, you are busy, you die. Oh, and you have a bunch of kids too!

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