It's true - did you know that I can sit up and hold someones hair from their sickbowl ALL night. Ugh. Yes - Jo is sick as a dog, or at least, she was. Around midnight last night she started being sick, and then every twenty minutes till about 5.30am. At around 3am she started really dry-retching and heaving, and I ended up calling the NHS Helpline to see what else I could do, and to make sure she wouldn't burst her waters by straining so hard.

But, aside from some Dyrolite and lots of water, there was little we could do, except that bubs would remain fine and Jo would get better. She's asleep now - tried from no sleep, exhausted from being sick... Figure I will just let her sleep and I'll catch up with old friends on the messenger!

We can't decide if it was actually a stomach bug, or the fact that Jo had a test for Gestational Diabites yesterday - seven blood tests with individual needles, as well as a really gross glucose drink - which could be the reason she is ill.

Still - having been up all night, I DID manage to get to the shops at 7am to get everything that was left on my food shopping list. Of course, half of Basildon had the same idea, and aside from psychotic grannies trying to ram me into the fresh vegetable section in their mad rush for brussel sprouts, it went pretty smoothly. Interestingly, there were a couple of people that were surprised how busy it was!! Hellooooo - two days before Xmas!

(And if you are receiving this later in the day despite the time stamp, I started this post this morning, and got so busy, ended up saving it and just finished it! hehehe)

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