Incoming Xmas!

Blimey, getting close isn't it!! We finished wrapping and labelling the last of the presents today, so aside from the stuff we need to get later this week for the meal, we are sorted!

Bethy is a bit poorly - has a funny tummy, so we've been keeping her eating small amounts of dry food all day, and she has perked up. Just to be safe, she's going to the doctor tonight. Jo is a bit poorly as well, coming down with a stinking cold, so she's off to the doc as well.

Gives me a bit of peace and quiet I suppose! hehehe

Anyways - kids have been feeling the bump a lot more this week, and even if I casually put my hand on the bump while watching TV with Jo, I can feel the little squirmer. Blimey there is some strength in there! Gotta be a boy! Come on the male chromosones! hehehe We're not fussed either way really, but would prefer a boy.

DESPITE what certain people out there keep saying. And they wonder why I am so horrible to them!!

So - got my Trillian sorted out now full time - if I am not around it's on anyway, but if you want to add me to your list, use the contact info on the right over there! Like I say, it's on all the time, but if you get an auto-reply message, then I am elsewhere doing something else. I often forget to turn OFF the Away message, so message me anyway and see if I reply. If I don't reply, I ain't there.

And bugger me, we're still trying to plough through the Friends boxset. Season 8 Episode 20... I am getting all Friends'ed out! hehehe

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