The Need To Know!

It has to be said, I am very surprised at how many people are mailing and messaging me with "You must tell me now!" in regards to the sex of The Bump! I've had people mailing me to NOT tell them, and people mailing me with "Do I want to know?" hehehe

You're all crazy!

Jaysen and Bethy have come home from the afternoon with Nanny - Jaysen is much better, and Bethy is still fine - both just had something to eat and are perky. He is having an early night tonight, and I wouldn't be surprised if we ALL had an early night.

I woke Jo up at 4pm - if I let her sleep any longer she won't sleep tonight - and she feels icky but not puky any more which is a good thing. She's had a small bite to eat but isn't that hungry. I think empty tummy added to a night of sicking is enough to put anyone off food!

Blimey, I can't believe how quickly the pregnancy has gone. We seem to have been living it one appointment after another, and there have been a lot of appointments! Now we KNOW the heart is fine, and we KNOW baby will be a ................ Well - it's pretty much nothing apart from home visits from the midwife after next week, so it's going to DRAAAAAAG!

Ah well, it'll be here soon enough! hehehe

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