As we all know, the world - America it would seem mostly - is plagued by lawsuits for stupid reasons. The MacDonalds "Hot Coffee" incident a few years back is the one that will always stick in my head - the woman who bought a coffee at a drive thru, put it between her legs, hit a bump, spilled and burned herself - sued MacD's for a stupid sum. There's a link about it here.

Anyways - while reading the news this morning, I came across a similar subject that ALWAYS makes me laugh - Warning Labels. I am always happy to see my pillows and duvet marked with "Do not remove this label". So, I had a read, had a laugh, then checked out the original site. The Label section is very amusing, as is the Lawsuits part.

But then, when I went BACK to Yahoo News, I noticed this story... Talk about trying to get the ca$h!

Oh, and if you are wondering why the link regarding Baby Gender is removed, you can't blame me - I am operating under instruction! hehehe

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