So, the arm tattoos are gradually healing over, so they are now in phase two, what I like to call "Scabby and Crusty" which makes them look crappy. Being a male, I am also struggling to resist the urge of picking said-scabs. Not easy. The next step of them healing is when the scabs start lifting off - and catching ANYTHING with more strength than Velcro. Good job I live in tee shirts to be honest, though Tam keeps seeing them and trying to scrap them off with her fingers!

New mobile phone in the works, seeing as my trusty ol' Sony Ericsson K700i is on it's way out. It holds a charge for about a minute before telling me the battery is low. Great. For the price of a battery, I might as well pay a little more and get a new phone, a Motorola RAZR v3i. Just got to order the bugger at some point today, when I remember.

I've got a memory like a sieve at the moment, so will probably utter the phrase "Doh!" at midnight tonight when I realise I forgot! Of course, there are so many nice phones out there at the moment, I am spoilt for choice. Do I want that one, or that one, or this one... Pah. The struggles of being a geek that loves gadgets!

And before I go, I have to mention what Jan said in my ickle shoutbox over there, regarding Bob Dylan. Sure, the man is a "legend", and sure, he's got about a billion songs out there, but I can't think of one that I think "Oooh great song!" and want to listen to. Sure, I probably have songs he's written on my playlist, but Dylan himself... Meh.

And besides - I don't think I am old enough to appreciate his sound ;)

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