I am weak. I succumed and got ahold of Lost Season 1 on DVD. That was Friday evening, and all of a sudden, it's Monday morning, and I want Season 2. Karin and Suzy are always on about how great it is, and rave about it all the time, and told me I should watch it. Meh, it didn't really appeal to me - strangers on a desert island, yada yada yada. But, the offer of the DVDs was there, so I figured "It can't hurt" and now, dammit, I am addicted.

We grabbed it Friday, and Saturday afternoon we decided to watch a couple of episodes. We would have watched more, were it not for the fact we had to go out. Three hours later, we got it, put Jaysen to bed and sat watching it. Then we took a disc to bed. Then Sunday we got up, threw on some clothes and just sat watching it. Missed lunch, had a random dinner, and watched it. The last disc went to bed with us, and just before 1am, it finished - the whole season, done.

And I want more!

It's not often I get hooked on TV shows. Jo likes Buffy & Angel, I like 24, and we both love CSI, but we don't stop everything to watch it. A few episodes here and there. We generally don't watch anything on the TV - I hate waiting a week to see something that lasts an hour (including all the bloody adverts), and then wait another week. So next week, we will be buying our own copy of Lost :)

Apparently, Channel4 (one of the UK TV Networks) has the rights to Season 2 of Lost, but their website is pretty shite, and has about as much info as a blank sheet of paper. Their very useful page says "Showing every Wednesday" but according to their own TV Listings, they aren't showing it. Great.

Anyways, as you can tell, we had a very productive weekend *cough*not*cough* but this morning, joy of joys, Jaysen is crying, holding his tummy, hot, sleepy... And half the kids in his class are poorly too, so Yay. Of course, there is a reason he's not well - I am due in the hospital this afternoon for a doc to check something on my nose. I thought it was a mole, but apparently not. My GP reckons it's a cyst, but isn't sure. Hopefully they're just going to look and see, as I REALLY don't want needles or blades two inches from my eyeball.

Guess we will have to wait and see I suppose. Such is my life.

Edit: After mucho Googling, I've found snippets of info that Lost Season 2 will be on in the UK "Sometime during the Spring" instead of August (!!) that it was penned in for. Of course "Spring" is March/April/May. Might see about buying a copy of Season 2 from the States instead!

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Anonymous said...

Just for the record, Jeanne, Karin and Christine hooked suzy....