So, I've been toying with the thought of tattoos more and more of late. I wanted something for the kids on me, and Sunday I made that step. Grant (Jo's older brother) is becoming a tattoo artist, so I collared him, and now bear the words "Jaysen" and "Tamsyn" on each forearm.

Not done yet. Oh no. I still need a "Bethy/Bethany" tattoo, and am seriously considering one across my shoulder blades, maybe with her dates on there, maybe not. Not like I need reminding about them ;) Why do I want them? I have no idea. I think I am on some kind of rebel-streak at the moment, can't explain it. I'm not swearing and fighting and drinking, but am getting tattoo'd and growing my hair.

What a man, eh?

Of course, the last few days have been pretty crappy, but I blame lack of sleep. The most stupid things get me choked up, so I've been buring myself in reading or gaming.

It's not all doom and gloom, though. Jo's been forcing me to watch Charmed (OK OK, so it IS all doom and gloom!) and I'm addicted to the movie Serenity. I never saw the Firefly series, and will be grabbing it at the first chance, which means some of the characters will make more sense most likely.

Also, for comedy value, I read the World of Warcraft forums. Now, usually, I link the sites I talk about, but not this time. I might as well find a nasty sweary site and link that! The WoW forums started out nice and friendly - everyone was a fan, everyone loved the game, but a year later... Woohoo! I don't understand what it is about forums that bring out the arse in people. I guess it's hiding behind a monitor and posting anonymously that makes the spotty 12 year old kid feel like Rambo, but I read the posts mainly for the arguing and the bitching.

Passes the time of day, you know...

Still, back to Firefly. I'd email people, but it got kinda borked, and my web access is spotty at the moment - it's a laugh, just got to wait for it to be sorted. Again. Have to love Blueyonder Tech "Support" hehe

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