And People Wonder...

...Why Trekkies have such a bad name.

I came across this link while reading a forum. It reads in a sad, loney sort of way and you can pretty much imagine what he tried to do. But what is really sad, is what he actually did. You really have to see it to believe it.

In other Web-Wierdness...

  • Love Spud - The Perfect Valentines Gift
  • Love Kitten - Oh my goodness. This is for the chicks out there.
  • Bad Name - Really, you'd change it by deed poll, wouldn't you.
  • Ultimate Trading - Goal: Start with a paperclip, and keep trading up, and get a house.
  • More Ahhh-ness - Hmmm, more cuteness. I think I'm losing it.
  • Video Editing - Wow. Music sucks, but top marks for doing it!
  • New Cook Book - Not for those that like their food, like, normal.
I REALLY have far too much time on my hands...

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