The Joys Of Sickness

So, yesterday I felt like crap, and went downhill from there. I went to bed at about 8pm, which isn't like me at all. I wouldn't mind if I slept through, but I had a really crappy night - couldn't get comfortable, aching from the germs, back giving me a hard time for sneezing and coughing all day, and generally feeling sorry for myself. Then at some point, I started having obscure nightmares, and at about 4am, I either had, or dreamed I had, an asthma attack. I'm *really* not sure if it happened or not which is kinda strange, no?

I remember sitting bolt upright in bed struggling to breath, I remember shooting downstairs, avoiding the cats the sleep in places that would break my neck if I fell, glancing in on Jaysen as I went past his room, getting to my desk, grabbing the pump and using it. I remember all of that. I DON'T remember going back to bed - I remember waking up again at 6am (and have been awake since) - but not going back to bed.

And I do feel all wheezy this morning, but that might just be my germs. My chest is sore like I had an attack, and my pump isn't where I normally keep it this morning - BUT Tam was on my desk last night destroying it.

I am really at a loss over it. I'll have to ask Jo if I woke her up in the wee-small hours.

So, today I am still germ-ridden (I had to cancel meeting up with Stuart last night - going to try again tonight) plus I feel ill with the (possible) asthma attack, AND added to all this I am knackered after a really crap night. Which in turn makes my back and legs feel even worse than normal.

And it's only half past seven in the morning! Joy!

I did achieve one thing yesterday though - I managed to strip out my entire desk and clean it up, dust it, and generally tidy it up. I tend to accumilate junk - odds and sods here and there, and they invariably end up on my desk. Well, it got to the point that everytime I moved one thing, three things fell off/over/down. So I spent the better part of two hours clearing it up and now it is nice and shiny and virtually junk-free.

Here is the desk in it's tidy state. The lamp ISN'T that blue, and the desk is actually MUCH bigger than it looks. But that's photography for you!

And, as to not break tradition after the last time I did this, here is a labelled version:

As you can tell, my life is as exciting as ever.

No doubt I will post later today once my various medicines have kicked in. Have fun!

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