Being Anally Retentive (Again)

I like things to be neat, tidy and ordered. All my mp3's are labelled in the same fashion (Artist - Title) with no exceptions, all my icons are the same size, my font is consistant on my desktop, email, and internet, and my Task Bar (at the bottom) and System Tray (by the clock) are kept as neat as neat can be.

So, when I saw Christines screenshot on her blog, I realised HOW tidy, neat, minimalistic and anal my desktop really is.

With Internet:

(Bum Alert) Without any screens:

And the only reason I have THAT many icons by my clock, is because my Trillian is open, I have a new mail, and I have WinAmp playing. There are usually TWO hidden icons down there - Antivirus, and Removable Hardware. That's it.

Oh, and yes, bare bum on the desktop. ;)

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