Fircking Spammers

I hate spammers. With a passion. It drives me mad that some prat sits somewhere and sends the same crap out to four million people. I've even started getting spammers on here (leaving comments) as well as in the shout box on in the side bar. I've deleted most of them, but still, I know they are on to me.

Mail spammers I can sort of handle. I use Mozilla Thunderbird and Mozilla Firefox (and certainly NOT Outlook/Internet Explorer, thank you very much!) so don't see most spam mails or popups or Google Adsense crap or Banner Ads. It's all filtered out. Jo likes her Outlook/Internet Explorer, and wonders why she gets 150-200 spam mails per day. But meh. With Thunderbird, it automatically shifts the spam to it's own folder. I check it every couple of days to make sure no real mail is getting lost, but it is dealt with by the computer.

This morning, I am sitting here drinking my tea when I see a new mail hit the CHD-UK Yahoogroup I run (Well, own, I've been very quiet over there this year). The sender has a heart-related email addy at the UNHCR. To join the list, you have to be approved by either me or one of the moderators. Heart related addy, check. Approved.

Within two minutes, he's posted some crap about human rights breaches, how the UNHCR are bad people, go to these pages to show me your support, etc etc.

I couldn't believe it. I mean, to post shit on a support group is one thing. To LIE to get on there to post your shit... So I took a copy of the mail, copied the routing details, and reported him to the UNHCR and YahooGroups. Oh, and I banned him!

So, if you are a spammer, please, kindly bugger off to the pit you came from. Don't post your ads on here, don't mail me asking if I want more pills, a diploma, a loan, or a new wife (tempting as it may be). And if you wonder why YOU are getting spammed, Mr Spammer, that's because I collect all your email addresses, and sign you up to other spammers lists.

Ya bastards. Don't like it? Welcome to my life.

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One Response to “Fircking Spammers”

Anonymous said...

hey Dan,

Well said, I hate spammers too, but so far I have been lucky..