Monday... Again

I've lost track of my week. I hate germs. Still, Monday, back to school, out in the freezing cold first thing in the morning - does wonders for my back and my legs hurt. Not to mention I still feel ill. Blah Blah Blah - broken record, Dan.

Course, my voice is back. Still sore as hell, but it's back.

It's only 9.30, and I am knackered already. When I don't HAVE to get up, you can bet I will be laying in bed awake at 6am debating on trying to spend another half an hour trying to sleep, or just getting up and getting on with it. If I NEED to be up, well, different kettle of dogs. But, try as I might, the alarm doesn't mysteriously shut itself off. Never has, but I keep trying.

Of course, I've pretty much cleared up the ground floor, had some tea, had some coffee, got the washing maching going (I assume there are clothes and not cats in there) and am done in. Did I mention I hate being poorly.


Anyways - Christine, I've updated your link, and if you need some help with that coding, lemmie know and I will try and post a step-by-step jobbie for you. I just don't want you to click something and break your blog ;)

It seems that the blog is slowly becoming more popular, and visitors (aside from those looking for the previous post search string) are staying on average 5-30 minutes which means they are either reading, or leaving it open while they go hang themselves from boredom. I hope it's not the latter. And people are coming back. AND people are putting the feed into their news readers. My daily hits are roughly 40-100 people, depending on what I post, and these are people that are mostly coming coming from other pages where my blog is linked, or coming through from their bookmarks/history. Some are bumbling on thanks to the "Next Blog" button on the Blogger Toolbar (which I've removed as it's just ugly!), and others it would seem are coming from my profile that is posted on comments on other blogs.

So, if you're new, Hi, Morning, Welcome!

I would say "I'll start doing requests" but knowing some of the people that read this, I don't think I wanna make that offer.

Saying no names of course.

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2 Responses to “Monday... Again”

Minge said...

How do you know all this? Oh, and I think you should have a kip.

Dan said...

The wonders of technology, the joy of being me, the grandness of intellect...

That, and I use the free stuff over at

And I don't sleep during the day. I lay there, and my body points out it's daylight, no need to sleep, wake up you lazy bastard. So I don't bother!