I've decided that Celebdaq is going to be the death of me. Despite my roaring start originally, I kinda lost more and more money. My guess work over the Oscars paid off somewhat, and the people I picked ended up with some nice payouts today, so I am back around the ten grand mark.

Of course, those I had were plummetting downwards like lead balloons, so I shifted them. Seems all is not well in the mini-league. Nikki - who kinda shot to the top and stayed there - has crashed down to position 4 (out of 5) while I keep spot #5 warm. Minge is finally on his way back up, while Alan and Phyllis go to fisticuffs with their position.


So I am taking a big gamble. I've taken my ten grand, and blow it all bar about £100. On one person. Eek. On the bright side, if that one person gets some decent coverage this week - and s/he has been getting a fair bit of late - then the dividend payment next friday should be rather spiffing on 800 shares.

Unless he vanishes into a hole.

Kinda like Minge and Alan - they've both been very quiet on their blogs. I thought at first I'd broken my web when it wasn't updating, but I suppose they've got better things to do. Unlike Christine that spams out several posts over the space of a nanosecond, and Joansy who has been on her holidays and is now trying to recover!

Ahhh blogging - much too addictive!

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2 Responses to “Celebs”

Alan Fisher said...

ich liebe meine, erm, blog.

I thought when I started it that it would be a fad and I'd be bored with it after 3 days. But it's just the best thing ever.

I remember when I was in the navy I kept a diary for over a year and I used to enjoy reading back through all the exploits I'd gotten up to. I always meant to re-start a diary but this is WAY better.

But don't worry if I go quiet on it.... it just means that I've got lucky in the pub and didn't make it home that night.... lol

Dan said...

It's odd - some days I sit here after a really boring day or three, and think "There must be something I can add"... And end up trawling the web for crap! hehe