Wasn't it like Xmas a few weeks ago? I'm not entirely sure where the year is going, and suspect we're all under the influence of some sort of Alien Time Distortion Device. Except I am the only one astute enough to notice.

So, we're in April, Jaysen is on his Easter Break, Tamsyn is into everything - including the tumble dryer - literally. Jo is about 50 on Saturday, and the week after, she is away to beat the living hell out of people from Thursday till Sunday. Which should be interesting, considering Tamsyn is firmly attached to Mummys apron strings, and Daddy is the big uber evil.

Which isn't far from the truth I suppose, but she's too young to realise this.

On the bright side, the house has been germ-free for a week or so now, but it's just been busy. I'm still playing Mr Tech Support to the Thankless Masses, I have another computer to build next week, and I still get phone calls, text messages and emails from people that live around here asking me to do them a little favour.

My graphics card melted last week, and I do mean that in the literal sense. I thought to myself "What's that smell" just as my monitor went all Wiggly-Squiggly (technical terms) and the computer crashed. A reboot showed even more Wiggly-Squiggliness, so I dropped under the desk, and there is my poor little GeForce4 Ti4200 smouldering and twisted out of shape. Bless. I had an OLD card to replace it, but when I loaded up my games - wheeeee it was shite. Had to turn all the detail right down to minimal and it was still shite. So Jo bought be a spanky new Geforce 6600GT. I love it.

But enough with boring everyone but like 2 readers.

Things making me chuckle this week; you have the worlds best Resignation Letter, the video showing what happens when you remove glass from a door, the man that made a Giant Creme Egg, and the page of a man that had a Bot Fly in his back. That last one might be worth skipping if you're a bit green around the gills when it comes to "Bugs Inside People" tales.

Spam is getting interesting again - aside from the chap in Nigera that has a huge sum of money waiting for me. I mailed him yesterday and told him to post a cheque for the full amount so I can pay it in for him and send him a percentage. He's not replied yet, but I am hopeful. A lot of stocks that I owe (but forgot about) are about to get a huge boost if I contact this company and trade through them. My Chase, Barclays and First Direct bank accounts are ALL being overhauled for extra security, but they need all my details to confirm who I am. I filled in all their forms, but forgot that "Daniel John English" is not spelled "Mr You've GotNo BloodyChance", and that I don't actually live at "1 Buggeroff Lane, Beverley Hills 90210, England Somewhere", nor is my 4-digit pin number 12345.

Oh yes, and the International Lottery that I forgot I entered but won with numbers that seem entirely random - I won it, but to verify who I am, they need my credit card details and pin. They are very thoughtful that I get my money at least.

As you can see, nothing of note has actually occured here of late. My sister got a year older, the house got sick, got better, got sick, and is currently "better", I'm still debating with myself (stop giggling at the back) about the Baby Thing, and generally, you know... Busy without a reason.

Guess I will wander off and carry on with it then.

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Minge said...

The Bot Fly made me gag.