I tend to get addicted to things - normal things, not nasty things - pretty easily. I get addicted to computer games, books, foods, drinks... I think the term is "addictive personality", but whether or not it's a good/bad thing I don't know.

My current "thing" is a wrap... A tortilla wrap stuffed with, well, pretty much everything I can get my hands on. Chicken and Salad, Salad, Tuna and something, Ham and something - I've not touched bread in well over a week, not had a "meal" in just as long. Even as I write this, Jo is making me a ham & cheese salad wrap. Now, I imagine they are a lot better than oven chips and processed crap, but will I get sick of em?

So, if you fancy something different, cook a bit of chicken, cool it, cut it, add it to a (light) mayo-covered tortilla wrap, and get stuck in.

Now I'm going to eat!

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2 Responses to “Addiction”

Minge said...

You're making ma mooth water!

Dan said...

I'm going for a Smoked Salmon with Cracked-Pepper Cream Cheese and salad tonight... mmmmm