Boys Weekend!

So, Jo is off tomorrow afternoon to inflict new levels of pain on her friends at Faded Glory LRP. Actually, I lie - for the first time in a very long time, she's playing a non-combat character, and will be going without armour nor weaponry. OK, she'll have a small shield on her arm, but that's IT. I know, it shocked me too.

I can only take it as a good sign to be honest - usually she goes to beat her frustrations and anguish out on people as a stress release, but to not want to fight seems to be a good thing in my books.

So, no Jo. Score one point. To help me out, Nanny (ie, Jo's mum) has offered to have Tam from 5pm Friday. Tam loves nanny, Tam loves to be with nanny and is a good girl 99% of the time when she's there, as opposed to the 4.8% of the time here without Jo. So score another point.

The fridge and cupboards are stacked with cool foods - wraps, pancake ingredients, cake mix, various kinds of (non-alcoholic) drinks - score three.

And the weather is slated to be glorious the whole time, so aside from a couple of showers a day, we don't even need to clad ourselves in material all weekend!

A lottery win, and I'll be fully content!

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